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A Thank you for the Charity



Our 12th year in campaigning, and each year we truly appreciate the support of the community in driving Bahrain Breast Cancer Society’s mission and vision forward. We have been your catalysts in shaping the landscape and starting the conversation of breast cancer awareness. Without your support and drive, we could not have got this far.

 Bahrain Breast Cancer Society’s is writing to thank you for your unwavering support contribution and efforts this October, 2016. Over BD 52,000 was raised and will be redirected into projects within the community under the Research Fund. This financial support will enable the Charity to continue its support of the Supreme Council of Health & NHRA with a full funded, up to date and internationally endorsed breast cancer screening, diagnosis and treatment guideline specific for the Kingdom. This guideline will be a multidisciplinary approach and used daily, at a clinical level to better support the community.

 The funds will also enable healthcare professionals and consumer advocates to represent the Kingdom at an International level, in showcasing that together we can be change agents when we work together.

 We would ask that you encourage your staff, family and love one’s to join the icheck campaign. Remembering that breast cancer is not just specific for October- breast cancer is not race, religion or class orientated. It is only with research, education, early intervention and public awareness that we can fight this disease.

Thank you for believing in the team. Our audited accounts will be available in the first quarter of 2017 for your review. We look forward to collaborating on some exciting and unique projects together as a community in 2017.

With kindest regards

On behalf of the Think Pink Bahrain Team