European Commission invitation for Bahrain Breast Cancer Society

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European Commission invitation for Bahrain Breast Cancer Society

At the invitation of the European Commission at the European Union (EU), Bahrain Breast Cancer Society was invited to attend the 2016 ECIBC Plenary (in Varese, Italy) and to report the progress in development of a Breast Cancer Guideline for Bahrain. The two day event showcased the work to date that the Commission has been doing on breast cancer guidelines and provided an opportunity for the launching of the first four recommendations of the European guidelines for breast cancer screening and diagnosis (European Breast Guidelines). In addition, it enabled the exchange and collection of feedback from European countries on the possible implementation of the European Breast Guidelines and the voluntary European Quality Assurance scheme for Breast Cancer Services (European QA scheme).

“It was a tremendous honour to be invited to attend such an event. To represent Bahrain and the project, that the Charity is undertaking for the Kingdom of Bahrain, was a privilege. The fact that not only has it been acknowledged by the Supreme Council of Health and the National Health Regulatory Authority (NHRA) of Bahrain, but the European Commission, is an enormous milestone. It highlights the important roles that NGO’s can take in supporting government bodies to fill the knowledge gaps in service provision and its delivery. To be surrounded by likeminded people at the plenary in Italy, with the sole purpose of knowledge sharing and collaboration was totally inspiring” said Mrs. Sprakel

With over 150 participants representing 35 EU countries, the schedule was broken into two specific themes per day: Science for policy development and Policy for Science Implementation. The overview has enabled new insight into the Bahrain breast cancer guideline development, as shared by Prof.  Fedorowicz stating that “the updated guideline will be adapted from several international resources to provide recommendations based on the best synthesized evidence available at that time. The Bahrain guideline will build on previous work, and its scope will further encompass; screening, diagnosis and staging, treatment to include surgery, chemotherapy/hormone therapy and radiotherapy in addition to post treatment surveillance and management of recurrence.” To expedite guideline development the process will utilise RAPADAPTE methodology which was used previously to develop a Breast Cancer guideline for Costa Rica. The Guideline Development Group supported by the team of experts in the International Advisory Board are well placed to provide a robustly developed, high-quality, up to date, evidence-based resource which incorporates recommendations based on the GRADE approach and which includes clinical algorithms to enable shared clinical decisions at the point of care. The overarching aim is to create comprehensive guidance based on current best-evidence which will enhance the quality of care, improve patient outcomes, ensure patient safety, increase patient satisfaction, and optimize the use of resources across the continuum of breast cancer care


In line with the Charity’s principles of information sharing, Bahrain Breast Cancer Society will host a forum:

 A National and International perspective of breast cancer detection and screening.

This event will be held under the patronage of H.E. (Dr.) Sh. Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Khalifa on the 7th of January at the Sheraton Hotel. The forum will include two Bahraini speakers and a key note address by the Special Advisor on Cancer Control at WHO-IARC. For further enquiries please contact this event is open to all



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